Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge go head-to-head in massive photo leak

Galaxy S6 leak
This could be our closest look yet at the S6 and the S Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is just days away, but the cat may be entirely out of the bag when it comes to the design.

A handful of images supposedly showing the handset have been uploaded to XDA by two separate posters going by reefur and graaler, giving us a good view of what appears to be the real deal.

The Galaxy S6 is pictured from the front and back with the screen both on and off, and it doesn't look a million miles from the Samsung Galaxy S5, with a similar overall appearance, albeit with slimmer bezels.

The main difference though will come in the build materials, which according to the accompanying information includes a metal frame and a glass back, much like Sony used for the Xperia Z3.

'Solid as heck'

While the fact that the phone seemingly isn't full metal may disappoint some it should at least be well built, with one of the leakers claiming it "feels solid as heck."

One of the leakers also claims that there's no microSD card slot and that as previously rumoured the battery isn't removable. Those two things are a bit of a surprise, since they're two features that many people liked about Samsung phones.

Galaxy S6 XDA reefur

Credit: XDA / reefur

We're also told that it runs Android 5.0.2 and has a new fingerprint scanner, which can read your fingerprint with a tap rather than a swipe. This is another thing that we'd heard whispers of and would certainly be good news, since Samsung's current fingerprint tech is way behind Apple's.

Galaxy S6 leak

Credit: XDA / graaler

Alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6 the photos also include a couple of glimpses of the Samsung Galaxy S Edge, which seems to have two curved sides rather than just one, - but otherwise looks a lot like Samsung's flagship.

As with any leak, especially from unproven sources, you should take this with a healthy helping of salt, but the images don't look photoshopped, so there's a good chance Samsung's reveal won't hold too many surprises.

We'll know for sure on March 1.

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