Football League seals deal to keep fans connected on matchdays


Football League stadiums will soon have stadium Wi-Fi and bespoke apps to access some online services on match-day, after sealing a seven-year deal with intechnologyWiFi.

With social media, gambling, checking scores and even game highlights an increasing part of watching live football, connectivity in stadiums has become a real issue, with the sheer number of phones in a small space creating major problems.

Intechnology's solution is to allow fans to use some online services, but through a free app which essentially works as a limited portal and a stadium Wi-Fi network. So you won't be getting full open internet access.

"The stadium WiFi networks will 'power' the mobile application within the stadiums on match-days, and rather than facilitating open access to 'the internet', the mobile applications will deliver the complete digital match-day experience – from in-play betting links, to a social media stream and the capability to share to outside networks, live scoring and statistics," explains the company's press release.

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Shaun Harvey, Chief Executive of The Football League, said: 'I am absolutely delighted to welcome intechnologyWiFi to work with The Football League and its clubs.

"Once again, The Football League is leading the way with regard to delivering digital solutions to its member clubs, so that they can enhance the supporter experience at their matches.

"The fact that intechnologyWiFi is able to deliver this solution at no cost, while also facilitating new revenue streams for our clubs, made this a compelling proposition."

Whether fans will buy into a closed portal system remains to be seen, but it's an interesting new option for those desperate to place a bet or check if their fantasy team striker scored the third for Leicester.

Patrick Goss

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