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First photo from iPhone 5 sneaks online?

First photo from iPhone 5 sneaks online
First picture taken with the iPhone 5?

We might think that raw fish can't tell us much – which is true, as it's probably dead – but when a picture of it looks like it's taken from the iPhone 5, we can't help but listen.

That's the scenario we're faced with here, as a picture of an Apple engineer's lunch was posted onto Flickr with some pretty curious details in the EXIF data.

According to Pocketnow (which has also uploaded a copy of the original pic, complete with EXIF), the data for the picture suggests we're looking at a photo taken from the iPhone 4, but cropped down to a 5MP size from an 8MP snap.

Sherlock phones

We've taken a gander at the info, and what's also interesting is the hardware used to take the lunch picture: it's a f/2.4 lens with a focal length of 4.28mm, which is much more advanced than that seen on the iPhone 4.

Of course, we shouldn't get too excited – it's perfectly easy to use another device to capture a photo and then port it onto an iPhone before uploading it to the internet.

But there are more clues here – the photo was taken on Friday 22 July at 11.52 at Apple's HQ (according to the GPS data)… so that would mean the engineer in question would have used a point and shoot camera (or worse, a COMPETITOR PHONE) and then uploaded it on his or her iPhone 4.

Ah, the wonders of the iPhone rumour mill – when a picture of dead sea-dwellers can cause millions to wonder about a forthcoming handset. It's a truly magical time.

And here's another tasty morsel of an iPhone 5 clue - a reader over on ThisIsMyNext has spent some time un-curving the reflection, and may have come up with the first silhouette of the iPhone 5. Sure, it could be any phone... but if you've read this far, we're sure you're desperate for any details on Apple's new iPhone too, right?

Credit: thisismynext

Credit: ThisIsMyNext

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From Pocketnow and ThisIsMyNext