Everything Everywhere to show off 4G LTE at brand event

Everything Everywhere to show off 4G LTE at brand event
EE may bring 4G LTE connectivity out of the box for iPhone 5 buyers

Everything Everywhere, which owns T-Mobile and Orange in the UK, will launch a new network at a branding event in London next week.

The company sent out invites on Friday to its Brand New event, which will be on September 11, on the evening before the iPhone 5 launches in the United States.

EE will also discuss the "latest innovation in network technology," meaning we're likely to hear more about its plans to roll out a 4G LTE network later this year.

The date of the event is significant, because Apple's iPhone 5 is largely expected to be the first to have 4G LTE internet speeds.

Massive leg-up

If that's the case, it would give Everything Everywhere a massive leg-up on the competition, during the annual network scrap for the attentions of iPhone fans.

Android central reports that the 4G LTE network will be switched on, in some capacity, on September 11, which means some new iPhone 5 owners could get next-gen internet speeds out of the box.

Whether any further 4G LTE-capable devices will be announced at the event, remains to be seen.

Via: AndroidCentral

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