Even Snapchat may 'do a Netflix' with original video content

Lots of very small houses made from tiny cards

Snapchat's next move is to 'do a Netflix' and create its own original content, according to reports.

Sources familiar with the inner workings of the ephemeral social network have told Digiday that it has ambitious plans to become a publisher as well as a platform.

It's all part of the Discovery section rumoured to be rolling out this month - new videos produced by Snapchat will appear alongside material made by the likes of ESPN, CNN and Vice.

That in turn builds on the Our Story feature, launched last year, where edited highlights of special events (like the World Cup Final) show up alongside updates from people you actually know.

In it for the money

Snapchat has been busy hiring journalists, film-makers and animators in recent months and is going to take a slice of the ad revenue generated from its content to help pay for all those disappearing photos and video clips you keep sending.

Digiday is reporting that adverts will be specially configured to suit Snapchat's platform, though there are going to be some YouTube-style pre-roll ads included as well. Apparently Vevo was one of Snapchat's original partners but the companies couldn't agree on a revenue split.

So don't be surprised if a House of Cards-style original Snapchat production appears in your My Story feed in the next few weeks - it's all part of Snapchat's plan to stay one step ahead of its rivals.

David Nield
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