Eric Schmidt can't talk about but can show off Moto X Phone

Eric Schmidt can't talk about but can show off Moto X Phone

Google's Eric Schmidt rocked up at the Allen and Co media conference with a phone we expect is the Moto X Phone.

Sadly, he 'couldn't comment on the nature of' the handset, but was happy enough to wave it around in front of photographers' cameras.

He's nothing if not unassuming.


The sleek white handset doesn't come with the traditional boxy Motorola stylings - in fact, it looks quite nice and less chunky than previous leaks have suggested it will be.

The back panel looks sort of cross-hatched in a similar style to the Google Nexus 4's snazzy jazzy back plate.

Moto X

Credit: Gary He (Twitter)

One reporter, Rachel Abrams, reports that Schmidt insisted, "I'm not allowed to comment on the nature of this phone."

Moto X

Credit: Rachel Abrams

So that was useful. If it is indeed the Moto X Phone, we expect that back plating to come in various colours to tick off the whole 'customisable' bend Motorola is going on.

Still not too much to report spec-wise, although with the device on show like this we don't imagine it'll be too long before Motorola and Google make the handset official.

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[Main image - Gary He, Twitter | Image 2 - Taylor Wimberly | Image 3 - Rachel Abrams]

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