Pay a penny to build your own Moto X

Moto X
Leave a penny, take a Moto X

Motorola really wants you to try a Moto X and for as little as a penny, the smartphone maker will let you keep it for 14 days.

Android Central spotted a special program Motorola will kickoff June 9 letting anyone try the Moto X for one cent. For the down payment of a Lincoln coin, users will be able to customize their own handset with Moto Maker and keep it for a two-week trial.

The special promotion appears to be a one-shot deal Motorola is only holding while supplies allow. Of course also expect to pay for the full $349 price of the device if you decide to keep it.

So far Motorola has only posted a splashy ad on its front page without any details on where users can sign up for the deal. We've contacted Motorola for more on the program and will update the story when we hear any new details.

Get over it

It's no secret the Moto X hasn't exactly taken off as a soaring success in the United States, so Motorola is clearly hoping to sway some new customers with this promotion.

Motorola confirmed at the end of last month that it was closing its manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas. The Moto Maker factory closure was attributed to the poor sales of the Moto X coupled with the higher labor costs in US.

Meanwhile, Motorola could be using the promotion as a way of off-loading a surplus of flagship handsets. This summer we expect its successor, the Moto X+1, will show up with a 1080p HD screen and faster Snapdragon 800 processor.

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