BlackBerry refuses to give up as Z50 and Q30 tipped for 2014

BlackBerry refuses to let up as Z50 and Q30 tipped for 2014
What's next for BlackBerry?

It may not be looking particularly rosy over at BlackBerry at the moment, but if the latest reports are true the company is still ploughing ahead with new handsets.

Word from Chinese site Ctech is that the Canadian firm is working on a new flagship handset, dubbed the BlackBerry Z50, which apparently sports a sizable 5.2-inch display.

That's bigger than the recently launched 5-inch BlackBerry Z30 which received a relatively tepid response from the market, but with the Z50 potentially sporting a quad-core processor and full HD display it could make BlackBerry's proposition all the more enticing.

It's not all good news though, as the BlackBerry Z50 release date is tipped for the third quarter of 2014 - that's quite some time to wait for a smartphone which apparently sports 2013 specs.

Something sooner

There is another handset in the mix though, and the QWERTY keyboard toting BlackBerry Q30 is tipped to land early 2014, although details are relatively thin on the ground.

If the Q30 is indeed on the cards you can expect it to replace the BlackBerry Q10, which currently sits above the Q5 in the BlackBerry 10 QWERTY keyboard totem pole.

Additional sources have spoken to Pocket-Lint, who also claim BlackBerry is lining up new products for March and May 2014, so watch this space - even if the firm is on the rocks.

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