Asus roadmap reveals more MeMo Pads, FonePads, MeMo Fones and other silly names

Asus roadmap reveals more MeMO Pads, FonePads, MeMOFones and others
The MeMOFone will be like this, but smaller

It looks as though we're in line for a PadFone mini, an 8-inch MeMo Pad and a 5-inch MeMo Fone from the Asus stable, if some roadmap slides are to be believed.

From the interestingly-named Hero Innovation Wow Experience - score one for naming stuff by opening the dictionary to random pages - conference, the slides don't reveal much beyond the names of the devices.

On the smartphone front, the PadFone mini is listed alongside the pre-existing PadFone Infinity - we're not sure, but we think this might be a mini version of that, so expect a screen size of around 7-inches.

Get the MeMo

Onwards to the MeMo Fone - yes, that's right, a MeMo Fone - which is officially referred to as the MeMo Fone HD 5, we're anticipating a 5-inch HD screen on the thing.

Asus' 3G enabled FonePad slate looks set to get an update too in the form of the FonePad HD 7 - and given that the MeMo Pad HD 7 is basically the Google-less new Nexus 7, it could be quite a looker as well as offering call and text functions.

We might even be treated to a smaller version of the FonePad tablet with the FonePad Note FHD 6 (now that's a mouthful) also listed on the leaked slides.

Also getting a mention is the MeMo Pad HD 8. We'll leave you to decipher that one yourselves.

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