Are these iPhone-like HTC phones the One M9 and M9 Plus?

HTC One M9 evleaks
One with a fingerprint scanner, one without

The HTC One M9 is rumored to be coming in two flavors: the standard version, and an HTC One M9 Plus with a fingerprint scanner.

Now both versions may have appeared in a photo leaked by frequent Twitter tipster @evleaks, who now goes by his real name, Evan Blass.

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The new phones in the photo appear similar but for the button or sensor - possibly the M9 Plus's fingerprint reader - below the display on the righthand one.

Other than that they feature a very similar look, with their glass-and-metal frames, tiny bezels and sleek curves - features that make these two new HTC devices look very close to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Imitation over innovation

That's kind of a shame, considering how well HTC has done in the past carving out its own unique aesthetic niche, particularly with the HTC One M8 and its predecessors.

htc One M9 Hima plus evleaks

The full-size image (credit: @evleaks)

Previous leaks have suggested that the new HTC One would look more similar to those, but it was also speculated that the leaks we've seen so far were housed in dummy chassis so as to conceal their true natures.

The size thing

One possible red flag here is that the initial HTC One M9 Plus leak claimed the two phones are identical in size, the only difference between them being the fingerprint reader - while these two do appear to differ in proportions.

That may be just the extra space needed for the fingerprint scanner, though, as it appears their actual screens could have the same measurements.

These two alleged HTC phones do look sleek, but it's a fact that these images are unconfirmed, and that HTC's next flagship(s) might turn out to look completely different.

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