April arrival for Samsung Galaxy S3?

April arrival for Samsung Galaxy S3?
S3 to pack quad-core, ICS, 12MP and HD screen

Industry insider Eldar Murtazin, noted Russian tech blogger, has announced via his Twitter feed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will land in the UK in April.

What's more interesting is it appears Murtazin has a Galaxy S3 handset, tweeting "HD resolution, 12 mpx camera, sw tweaks, android 4 - I like my new phone. Eager to see official announcement in Barcelona".

The specs themselves are of no surprise, as there are many rumours on an improved screen and camera, plus we expect flagship Android devices launched at MWC 2012 will come with Ice Cream Sandwich, version 4.0 of Google's Android operating system.

In another tweet from the Russian, he hints at a quad-core processor (1.5GHz-1.6GHz) and an improved battery to cope with the additional power requirements.

Safe bet

This all falls into line with the continuous chat which surrounds the highly anticipated launch of the Galaxy S3. Samsung used MWC 2011 last February to announce the S2, which then shipped in April – so we are expecting the same scenario this year.

Murtazin is well known within the tech industry as having contacts in high places at many big brands, but he does not have a clean track record when it comes to breaking news, so his word certainly shouldn't be taken as gospel.

The Samsung press conference will be one of the big events at MWC 2012 and we'll be bringing you all the latest live from Barcelona.

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