Apple and Samsung could be making sweet chips together for iPhone 7

Apple and Samsung could be making sweet chips together again
Apple and Samsung: Frenemies again

Despite rumours that the two companies had parted ways for good, new reports suggest that Apple has signed Samsung up to make chips for future iPads and iPhones starting in 2015.

Reports had been circling that Apple has severed supplier ties with Samsung after all the patent warfare between the two companies. Instead, Apple inked a deal for chips made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) starting in 2014.

But apparently Apple is not so angry with Samsung that it's willing to pass up the opportunity to get its mitts on new tech.

Chipping away

The alleged new deal between Samsung and Apple kicks off in 2015 and is expected to consist of A9 chips - although no one seems to be clear on whether or not the TSMC deal has gone south as a result or if Apple's keeping both companies on the books.

According to the Korea Economic Daily, "Samsung Electronics developed state-of-the-art 14 nano models ahead of its rival TSMC, regaining the order from Apple. "

Because of superior silicon processing, the 14nm chips should allow smaller, more efficient phones. Basically: the dream.

The 2015 start date seems to imply these are the chips we'll see tucked away inside the iPhone 7 - although at this point, we'd be happy with an iPhone 6 or even an iPhone 5S.

Via MacRumors

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