Own a Fitbit? You'll soon be able to get daily step counts from your Google Nest

The Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen facing forward showing sleep data
(Image credit: Google)

Right now, you can see a handful of sleep stats on your Google Nest's display, but if you own a Fitbit your workout and activity data will soon be there too.

A newly published support document spotted by 9to5Google describes how you'll soon be able to configure your Nest Hub to show metrics such as your daily step count or number of calories burned. This data could be collected from your Fitbit, or from the Google Fit app.

The Nest Hub already serves as a sleep tracker, monitoring motion and sound (including snoring) overnight to determine how well you're resting. It also analyzes light and temperature in your bedroom, and gives suggestions on how to improve your sleep hygiene.

It's not clear when the Fitbit firmware update will roll out, but once it does, your activity data will appear in the same place as your sleep stats, on the device's 'Wellness' tab.

More Fitbit integration

The addition of Fitbit data to Google's smart speakers comes as no surprise. Google purchased Fitbit in January last year, and promised that while the two brands would remain separate, they would be working together closely on various projects.

Perhaps the most exciting of these is set to be a new premium Fitbit smartwatch running the Wear OS operating system, which was mentioned at last year's Google IO event. We've not seen any sign of the watch so far, but Fitbit typically keeps its devices under wraps until they're ready to go on sale, so there's no telling when it might appear.

It seems very unlikely that the forthcoming Google Pixel Watch is going to be Fitbit-branded, but it's almost certainly going to come the company's fitness tracking tools preinstalled. Some possible watch face designs leaked last year, including one featuring the familiar Fitbit logo.

Leaked 3D render of Google Pixel Watch

Leaked images of the Google Pixel Watch don't show Fitbit branding on the device itself, but it looks like it'll have a Fitbit app preinstalled (Image credit: Jon Prosser / @rendersbyian)

It'll be interesting to see how else Google can work Fitbit tech into its other devices. For example, it's not too hard to imagine health tech being integrated into Google's Pixel Buds in a similar way to the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro, with heart rate monitoring and workout tracking. We'll be keeping our ears to the ground for more news over the coming months.

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