OnePlus 9 launch date will be revealed next week

OnePlus 8T
The OnePlus 8T from 2020 (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

The OnePlus 9 is heavily rumored to be landing at some point in the next few weeks, and a new teaser image from the company's CEO suggests we'll find out when it's coming on March 8.

That isn't likely to be the launch date though, and it seems that OnePlus has put out a teaser for when it'll be revealing the launch timing for its 2021 flagship phone.

Rumors suggest we'll be seeing three new OnePlus handsets - they're expected to all be members of the OnePlus 9 family - and they may be joined by the OnePlus Watch as well.

What date will OnePlus choose for its next launch? That's currently uncertain, but a recent leak suggested that we'll be hearing about new OnePlus phones in the middle of March, so it may be a quick turnaround between the launch date being unveiled and the event taking place.

That image used in Lau's tweet is a famous photo from the Apollo 11 mission that was taken on a Hasselblad camera. This seems to add further fuel to the flames that the smartphone manufacturer is entering a partnership with the famed camera brand.

We've consistently been hearing leaked information about the new OnePlus 9 series alongside other OnePlus devices, so it'd make sense if we're set to see the new smartphones soon.

That said, this will be the earliest we've ever seen OnePlus announce its phones in the year. 

With MWC 2021 moving to later in the year and Samsung's Galaxy S21 series landing in January, it seems OnePlus may have pulled its announcement forward to make the most of a quiet period. 

There's no gurantee Lau is teasing the OnePlus 9 launch, and we may end up hearing about something different. The specific teaser about 'moonshot' seems to mean we'll be seeing some camera improvements though so we'd be especially surprised if this isn't an upcoming smartphone.

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