OnePlus 8T could launch just one day after the iPhone 12

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro (Image credit: Future)

It's looking like October could be a busy month for tech fans - it's looking like October 13 could be when we see the iPhone 12, and now a new leak says the OnePlus 8T might be along just one day after that.

Prolific tech leaker Ishan Agarwal posted a tweet pegging October 14 for the OnePlus 8T launch - the wording of the message makes it seem like OnePlus has decided this internally, at least. 

Agarwal has a reliable track record, though given 2020 is an odd year for launches, this may be likely to change.

That means very soon we could see OnePlus' next smartphone, along with perhaps a Pro version and maybe the next phone in the Nord line.

Agarwal also shared an image of a phone, but it doesn't look premium enough to be the OnePlus 8T. Perhaps Agarwal just shared a render of the Nord to act as an illustration for the article.

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Busy tech

It's going to be a very busy period for phones fans though - as well as the Apple and OnePlus launches Samsung, Xiaomi and Google have launches before the end of September. Huawei and Oppo are both expected to be launching new devices some time in early October.

As well as those product launch events Black Friday will happen at the end of November, and Amazon Prime Day is happening at some point too, so we might see older smartphones get huge price cuts.

People on the market for a new smartphone are going to be spoiled for choice; people who write about tech for a living might not get much sleep for the next few months.

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