Older Samsung Galaxy smartwatches get newer features with the latest update

Samsung Galaxy Watch
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Good news if you own a Galaxy Watch or a Galaxy Watch Active: Samsung is pushing out a software update for the older smartwatches that deliver some of the newer features already available on the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

As reported by TizenHelp, the update is rolling out now and brings a number of improvements with it, which might mean you don't have to think about upgrading your Samsung smartwatch quite so soon.

For a start, incoming messages in apps such as WhatsApp can now display images right on the watches themselves, so you can see at a glance whether the pictures your friends and relatives are sending your way are worth getting your phone out for.

Then there's support for Bitmoji and Samsung's own AR Emoji right on the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active, giving you more options for adding some variety to your instant messaging conversations when words just aren't enough.

Keeping you updated

When it comes to the fitness features on these smartwatches, voice guidance over Bluetooth is being added so you can hear how far you've traveled and what your heart rate is during a run, walk, cycle or other workout.

There's now a scrolling screenshot capture mode on the wearables, should you need it, and Samsung has apparently added a bunch of stability and performance improvements to the Tizen software too. The update is said to weigh in at 292MB.

With the original Samsung Galaxy Watch launching in August 2018 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active follow-up appearing in March 2019, it's encouraging to see Samsung still updating these devices even though newer models are now available.

The newer models have been getting their own updates in recent days too: blood pressure monitoring functionality has just been added to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 via a software update.

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