Oculus Rift launcher update adds seamless support for VR Steam games

Unlike the HTC Vive, which integrates pretty seamlessly into Steam using SteamVR, the Oculus Rift has always tended to stand alone with its own launcher, despite the fact that most people have a large library of games in Steam. 

That's all set to change with the news that Oculus is set to update its launcher to be able to run any and all Rift-compatible games on your PC, including those located in your Steam library. 

This, along with an update that will allow you to party up with friends across VR apps from within the headset, should massively reduce the amount of time people have to spend taking their headset on and off as they try to get everyone into the same lobby. 

Don't call it a comeback

In the year since it's launch Oculus has made a number of key improvements to its platform, significantly narrowing the gap between itself and the initially superior Vive. 

After launching the Touch Controllers late last year, the company has since started bundling them in with each and every headset, and has also reduced the overall price of the setup.

The headset hasn't quite hit feature parity with the Vive just yet since you still have to buy an additional third sensor to achieve the same level of room-scale flexibility with the Rift, but it definitely feels as though these two headsets are on a much more even footing than they were when they first launched. 

Jon Porter

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