Oculus Rift and Touch bundle gets a massive price cut

Update July 14: Oculus is giving the Rift and Touch controllers bundle a permanent price drop, at least in the US. 

While you'll pay $399 for the bundle through the rest of the Summer of Rift sale, after the sale ends in six weeks, it will cost $499. That's an almost $100 drop from the bundle's pre-sale price of $598.

Original story below...

Those who have been thinking of taking the plunge into VR gaming might want to make a move this summer, because the Oculus Rift has just seen a major discount, with the price of the headset and controller bundle dropping to $399 – a reduction of $200.

The Rift and Touch bundle has also been reduced to £399 in the UK, which is again two hundred notes less than it was previously.

The catch? Well, there isn’t one as such, except for the fact that this offer won’t run forever – it’s good for the next six weeks. So while there’s no immediate rush, as mentioned, this summer looks like the time to take the plunge if you were on the fence.

It’s interesting to note that with this price cut, Oculus Rift now doesn’t cost much more than PlayStation VR in the grand scheme of things (especially when you consider folks will likely need to buy the camera accessory, as well – unless they already have it).

Summer of VR?

In case you missed it, this promotional price is all part of the company’s ‘Summer of Rift’ campaign which is seeing big discounts on VR games, too.

Of course, you may still need to upgrade your graphics card to get a slice of virtual reality gaming action, but remember that late on last year Oculus refined its tech and dropped the minimum GPU requirement to a GeForce GTX 960 (previously it was a GTX 970, an entirely more expensive proposition).

Speaking of refinements to the technology, as of May, Oculus Rift now officially supports roomscale VR – which was the trump card that rival HTC Vive held over the headset.

If this deal is still a bit rich for your tastes, it may be worth waiting until Black Friday to see if there are any better offers.

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