Apple iPhone 2018 could come in two versions, both with OLED displays

The iPhone X is out now, and you know what that means… that's right, it's time for a new round of rumors and leaks concerning the iPhone X 2 to begin!

Hot on the trail is notable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the source of many of the most reliable Apple-related rumors and predictions from recent years. As 9to5Mac reports, Kuo claims Apple will release two new phones next year with OLED displays and stainless steel frames.

Furthermore, he predicts that those cases will be redesigned to use "more parts" in the stainless steel bands around the device – it's not too clear what this means – and support better data transmission.

The iPhone XI?

In essence, this sounds like Apple might be scrapping the strange approach it took this year of releasing the forward-looking iPhone X after it launched the more predictable iPhone 8 and 8 Plus handsets. 

Instead, Apple may only be making an iPhone X successor that comes in two sizes. There's a chance, of course, that the rumors about new old-style phones simply haven't surfaced yet.

Kuo further predicts that Apple will upgrade the specs for the new phone but won't add a rear-facing version of the TrueDepth Camera that's used for both Face ID and the iPhone X's animated emoji, called Animoji.

In addition, he makes the rather logical prediction that Apple will completely replace Touch ID with Face ID next year on any new iPhones and possibly any new iPad Pro units as well. (Ming-Chi Kuo already made the latter prediction last month.)

And that's it for now. But as is so often the case these days, we'll probably know almost everything there is to know about the next devices by the time Apple CEO Tim Cook walks across the stage sometime in September next year.