Next-gen Gear smartwatch running Wear OS spotted on Samsung employees

Samsung is rumored to be switching its smartwatch software from Tizen to Google's Wear OS for its next generation watch, and a new report has added more credence to those previous leaks.

According to trusted Twitter leaker @Evleaks (Evan Blass) Samsung employees have now been spotted wearing smartwatches that are running Wear OS software rather than Tizen.

Blass didn't reveal any details on who spotted the smartwatches, where it was, or when, but we're inclined to believe him and the previous information he's provided about the rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch considering his track record with leaks.

Samsung previously used Android Wear software for its first smartwatch in 2013, but it soon switched to Tizen OS for future generations including last year's Samsung Gear Sport.

We originally thought we'd see either the Samsung Gear S4 or Samsung Gear Sport 2 launch in September this year, but a new trademark application from the company spotted earlier this month suggested it'll be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch instead.

A switch to Galaxy

The fact Samsung employees have been spotted testing out the software suggests the company is well into development for the next watch. 

We're hoping that means we'll hear more about it at IFA 2018, which will be a year after the Gear Sport launch.

Blass's tweet didn't provide any details on the Samsung Galaxy Watch such as what it looks like or whether there are any clear new features, but the upgraded software is exciting news.

James Peckham

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