New report predicts reversible charging and camera upgrades for the 2019 iPhones

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If Apple launches new iPhones when it normally launches new iPhones – September – then we're just four months away from seeing the 2019 models (which may or may not come with the iPhone 11 label).

A new report from Bloomberg spills plenty of detail on what to expect from this year's iPhone refresh, based on talks with inside sources "familiar" with Apple's plans.

There's mention of reversible charging, so you'll be able to pop your AirPods (and other gadgets) on the back of the 2019 iPhones to juice them up – something we've already seen on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The new versions of all three iPhone models – the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR – will gain an extra rear camera lens, Bloomberg says, designed to offer improved zoom and (in the premium model) ultra-wide angle shots.

All the upgrades

That's not the only camera upgrade coming though: Apple is apparently working on an "auto-correction feature" to fit people back into a photo if they're accidentally cut out. We're not sure how that would work but it sounds... interesting.

Bloomberg also predicts that the new iPhones will come with Apple's as-yet-unannounced A13 processor chip upgrade, which is to be expected, and that the XS and XS Max replacements will be half a millimeter thicker.

We've heard some of these rumors before, around reversible charging and extra camera lenses, but the extra corroboration makes us more confident that these changes are indeed in the pipeline.

No doubt we'll hear more leaks and predictions around the 2019 iPhones as the launch day nears – here's everything we know about the new models so far.

Via MacRumors

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