6 new shows and movies on Netflix, HBO Max and other streamers this week

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Wondering what to watch on Netflix and other streaming services this week? Despite the ongoing halt to TV and film production (which is starting to ease up, with The Witcher season 2 filming beginning again this summer), this is a surprisingly great week for new TV shows. On the movie front, Netflix gets the Will Ferrell movie Eurovision Song Contest, but the jury is out on whether it's any good or not. 

Below, we've rounded up the best of what you can watch on Netflix, HBO Max and other streaming services this week. We've also explained how you stream each of the following in the US and the UK. 

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix)

How could anyone ever make fun of the Eurovision Song Contest, of all things? This Netflix original comedy is about an Icelandic group, composed of Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams), whose dream is to compete in the long-running and life-affirming competition. 

As ever with Will Ferrell comedies, it's a real dice roll to see if this ends up in the same extremely watchable bracket as The Other Guys, or whether it'll be a Holmes and Watson-shaped disaster. Wedding Crashers' David Dobkin directs, and the trailer offers a few actual laughs, among other jokes that simply made us go "hmm". 

Pierce Brosnan and Dan Stevens, both doing some kind of vague comedy European accents, also star.

Streaming on Netflix from June 26

Dark season 3 (Netflix)

The German sci-fi favorite returns for a third and final season on Netflix this week. This dense, time travel-filled series drew comparisons to Stranger Things when it landed in 2017, and there are only 18 episodes to date if you want to catch up before this last series drops on Saturday. 

Streaming on Netflix from June 27

The Twilight Zone season 2 (CBS All Access)

Jordan Peele's much-hyped revival of The Twilight Zone had a couple of real masterpieces last season ('Rewind', 'Blurryman'), but didn't entirely live up to the potential of a modern day version of Rod Serling's classic anthology. This new season, though, which debuts in its entirety on CBS All Access this week, has an episode solely written by Peele, which is a very exciting prospect. Featured stars in season 2 include Gillian Jacobs, Morena Baccarin, Joel McHale, Damon Wayans Jr and Jurnee Smollett-Bell. 

Note that the above trailer only works in the US. In the UK, Sky has the rights to The Twilight Zone revival, but no airdate has been set on the SyFy Channel yet for season 2. Definitely one to check out this week if you're finding your favorite shows are drying up.

Streaming on CBS All Access from June 25. Try CBS All Access here

Doom Patrol season 2 (HBO Max)

New streaming service HBO Max makes a compelling proposition for the price, but a lack of big originals at launch has let it down. This week, though, the fledgling US-only service gets two TV shows worth a damn. Doom Patrol, a show that started out on the niche, confusingly-positioned DC Universe streaming service, returns this week for its second season on the new streamer.

Based on the DC Comics series, particularly the run of legendary writer Grant Morrison, it's a superhero team show about dysfunctional heroes with complicated, often painful backgrounds. In essence, it was DC's version of the X-Men, until Morrison warped it into something more specific and strange. The first season was a cult hit, and this show features an amazing ensemble cast: Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton, Diane Guerrero and Alan Tudyk all star. 

If you're waiting for The Umbrella Academy season 2, this is a close-enough relative that you'll probably enjoy it. If you want to give the first season a try, the first three episodes will be streaming free on HBO Max, without the paywall, on June 25. In the UK, Doom Patrol will be on Starzplay via Amazon Prime Video on July 16.

Streaming on HBO Max from June 25 in the US and Starzplay in the UK from July 16

Search Party season 3 (HBO Max)

Search Party can fairly be classed as a hidden gem, partly because it was so hard to find for the longest time (it aired on TBS in the US). Now, it's got a permanent streaming home on HBO Max. Starring Arrested Development's Alia Shawkat, it's set up as a Twin Peaks-y show about the search for a missing girl in New York. Instead of this central mystery driving the show, though, it switches focus to the mid-late 20s malaise of its main characters, which is a far more interesting angle. The second season is about something very different, and this third follows on from that.

We'd advise not watching the above trailer unless you've seen seasons 1 and 2, but Search Party definitely deserves to be on your watch list, especially since the episodes are only 22 minutes long. The entire third season drops this week on HBO Max in the US, but doesn't have a release date in the UK yet.

Streaming on HBO Max from June 25

Home Game

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This unusual Netflix sports documentary isn't about your footballs and baseballs, but rather a bunch of lesser-known sports, including 'voodoo wrestling in the Congo', according to Netflix, and the more familiar-sounding Texas-based roller derby. Eight episodes land on Netflix this week. 

Streaming on Netflix from June 26

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