New iPad Pro for 2022 could borrow a key iPhone 12 feature - but iPad Mini is out first

iPad Pro 12.9 2021
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Although the iPad Pro (2021) is still fresh in our minds, tech moves quickly, and news is already breaking about a 2022 version of the Pro-level Apple tablet - as well as other slates from the company like the iPad Mini 6 and new entry-level iPad for 2021.

A report from Bloomberg details several of these upcoming iPads, and the most interesting is the iPad Pro (2022). Apparently, this next model will have a glass back, wireless charging, reverse wireless charging and MagSafe compatibility, though this latter feature is apparently just being tested right now.

MagSafe, introduced with the iPhone 12 series, is a way of magnetically clipping devices like chargers, cases and accessories onto the back of your smartphone - check out our list of the best MagSafe accessories for a good idea as to what these do.

MagSafe on iPad Pro could provide loads of interesting features useful to those who use the tablet for work, streaming movies or playing games. We could see iPad stands that let you hold the device at particular angles, or clip-on speakers for if you quickly want to improve the surround sound of the slate.

iPad (2021) and iPad Mini 6

The 2022 iPad Pro isn't the only upcoming slate Bloomberg's report detailed, because apparently there are two new ones coming in 2021.

Firstly, there's apparently a new entry-level iPad that's thinner than the iPad 10.2 from 2020 and is aimed at a student demographic, though it's not clear if that purely refers to the marketing or other features too.

Secondly, the iPad Mini 6 is getting leaked further - apparently this will have narrower bezels to its predecessor and no home button. Previous rumors suggested it'd have a similar design to the iPad Air 4, continuing Apple's abandonment of the chunky-looking tablet design that most iPad families shared, and it sounds like this is the case.

Apparently these two new tablets are set to land towards the end of 2021, presumably near the iPhone 13 launch. 

That makes sense for the entry-level iPad, as we normally see a new one each year, but we've been hearing rumored iPad Mini 6 launch dates for ages so take that (and all of the leaked details here) with a pinch of salt.

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