Belkin's WeMo Wi-Fi light bulbs launch just in time for Christmas

Just under 11 months since they were first announced at CES 2014, Belkin has finally released its Wi-Fi enabled WeMo smart globes on the Australian market.

The fully dimmable globes, which are available in both standard screw and bayonet-style attachments, feature powerful LEDs to produce the equivalent light to a 60W bulb, but using only 10W of power.

Using the WeMo app for iOS or Android, you can remotely control the intensity of the light, set it to dim automatically or turn on at a particular time, which can help convince would-be burglars your at home even when you're on the other side of the world.

The cost of automation

While Belkin's wall-switch WeMo lighting system requires an electrician to install, the new WeMo globes are completely self-install, plugging into standard light sockets.

They do however require the WeMo Link to work, which is included in the starter pack and can support up to 50 WeMo light globes simultaneously.

If you do plan on filling your house with wireless bulbs, you'll need to be well-financed. The starter pack is available now for $169.95, while individual bulbs are $49.95.

Both are available at JB Hi-Fi Home and Dick Smith stores around the country.

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