Belkin brings new WeMo to Australia

You could use the switch, but if you are cozy in bed, just use your phone!

Belkin has added to its range of WeMo products, which sees home automation come to life with the use of an app and Wi-Fi enabled switches and plugs.

The WeMo Light Switch, which replaces existing light switches and connects to your Wi-Fi router, lets you turn the lights on and off with the WeMo app. You can also schedule lights off and on and set triggers using other WeMo Motion detectors in the same room.

"WeMo provides a fun and easy way to put the control of your home at your fingertips," said Brendan Sparks, head of product management and marketing for Australia and New Zealand at Belkin.

As the WeMo Light Switch requires installation by a professional electrician, Belkin is partnering with Jim's Electrical.

Sparks said that Belkin was partnering with Jim's Electrical as it is a local company with national presence, and will allow Belkin to tell customers that generally speaking, connection will cost around $40 per switch.

"We understand the rise of home automation can be daunting to some consumers, which is why we have partnered with Jim's Electrical to provide an end to end process for our customers," he explained.

While the app is for free on iOS and Android, the WeMo Switch will go for $69.95.

Belkin's automated home

Along with the WeMo Light switch, earlier this year, Belkin had also launched the WeMo Baby, which is basically a baby monitor that connects to your phone using the WeMo app to wirelessly stream audio from your baby's room, even if you aren't at home.

The WeMo Switch, on the other hand, is a power port that plugs directly into any electrical outlet, on which any appliance or device can be plugged into.

Using a Wi-Fi network and the WeMo app, anything plugged into the WeMo Switch can then be turned on or off from your smartphone or tablet, even if you are in another country.

Using the app, you can set the plugged in devices to turn on or off at pre-set times, and adding a WeMo Motion sensor means you can set the Switch to turn on or off based on motion within 3 metres or the sensor. Again, you can create rules or schedules.

WeMo Baby costs $99.95, while the WeMo Switch is $59.95, or $119.95 when bundled with the WeMo Motion.

Internet integration

The WeMo Light Switch, Switch and Motion are integrated with IFTTT, which uses the internet to help create rules or triggers.

This basically means that you can set up a light to turn on when motion is detected, but only between sunset and sunrise.

Or, if you have a WeMo Motion set up near your front door while you're away from the house, an IFTTT rule can send you an email or SMS to your phone any time motion is sensed.

"The powerful combination of WeMo and IFTTT provides endless possibilities of what you can customise and control throughout your home," said Sparks.