Netflix's Army of the Dead gets an explosive and bloody teaser trailer

Army of the Dead
(Image credit: Clay Enos/Netflix)

The first trailer for Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder's upcoming action-horror Netflix movie, has been released.

Snyder posted the teaser trailer on his official Twitter account on Thursday, and the minute-long video gives us a good idea of how action-packed and bloody the Justice League director's upcoming project for Netflix will be.

The footage opens up on a desolate, decaying Las Vegas before quickly switching over to the trademark slow-motion camera work that Snyder's earlier productions, such as 300 and Sucker Punch, were famous for. It isn't long before the zombie threat is revealed too and, judging by the trailer, Dave Bautista and his merry band will have plenty of the undead to deal with as they look to score a huge payout on the strip.

Check out the trailer below:

Army of the Dead will arrive on Netflix worldwide on May 21.

What else does the teaser trailer tell us?

Not much in the way of Army of the Dead's plot comes up in the trailer. Right now, the only thing we're certain of is that Scott Ward (Bautista) leads a gang of mercenaries into the heart of zombie-riddled Las Vegas to try and pull off the biggest heist that the world has ever seen.

The trailer shows that there will be some form of flashback to the zombie outbreak, as evidenced by the casino employees fleeing an undead horde and fighter jet bombing runs on a large crowd of zombies in the city center. As you might expect for a film like this, we'll get plenty of frenetic action sequences too, including some casino machine parkour running from Bautista and co., and at least one army helicopter being downed in explosive fashion.

We don't get a good look at every character in the trailer, but we have confirmation of which actors will be joining Bautista for Snyder's next venture. Garret Dillahunt and Omari Hardwick, who we do see have a fun little moment in the teaser, will play Martin and Vanderohe respectively. Other key members of Bautista's team include Ella Purnell as Kate Ward, Hiroyuki Sanada as Hunter Bly, and Ana de la Reguera as Cruz.

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