Netflix will no longer let users write reviews of its content from next month

Netflix is set to drop its user reviews from the service, taking away the ability to write a missive about your favorite show or move at the end of July. Then in mid August it will delete its user-generated review archive altogether. 

Now, some of you who just use the mobile or TV Netflix app might be thinking: what review archive? That’s because the feature is desktop only and a little bit hidden. 

We found it - took us 10 minutes, but this is where you can write reviews.

We found it - took us 10 minutes, but this is where you can write reviews.

To access it - for the time being, anyway - you have to click on the thing you want to watch, choose Details, find the Members Reviews on the right of the pane, then click See All Reviews and then the Write a Review button appears. It’s so convoluted, it’s almost as if Netflix doesn’t really want to use it. 

Thumbs down

That’s because it doesn’t really want you to use it. Online review are all good fun, but unless it hires someone to trawl through them all, it’s tough to get anything out of them. For the user, though, they are a useful tool. 

Something that’s more useful for Netflix is the binary thumbs up, thumbs down rating feature it launched last year

Yes, it’s over simplified but it’s a metric that makes much more sense when Netflix needs to instantly see if its content is liked or not.

According to Cnet, Netflix sent an email to those who still write reviews, explaining that: "We have notified members who have used the feature recently. This feature is only offered on the website and has seen declining usage over time.”

Marc Chacksfield

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