Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Nespresso VertuoPlus: which is best?

Enjoying a barista-worthy coffee at home not only saves money over getting your daily caffeine fix from a coffee shop, but we’ve found an even greater benefit: impress your friends and family by offering them an array of different hot drink options when they come to visit. 

Nespresso is one of the biggest and best coffee maker names for single-serve coffee. machine. Also known as pod coffee machines, they use capsules containing ground coffee, which are punctured before pressurized hot water is passed through to brew coffee, ensuring it creates far less mess than perhaps even some of the best espresso machines of the traditional-sort.

The brand offers two different types of machine; those that take the iconic dome-shaped pods, which are called Nespresso Original, and the Vertuo line. These latter machines take the larger Vertuo capsules, which were first introduced in the US in 2014, and launched in the UK and Australia in 2014. There’s more of a focus on the Nespresso Vertuo line as the capsules feature barcodes, which contain information about the volume and temperature of the water during brewing, as well as other parameters. This ensures the perfect cup of java every time. 

As there are a number of Vertuo-compatible Nespresso machines sales (including the brand’s latest, and most affordable option, the Nespresso Vertuo Next and its top-of-the-range Nespresso VertuoPlus), you might be left struggling to decide which is right for you. There’s not much difference between the two models, it’s mostly design but there are a few aspects we need to run you through. So in true TechRadar style, we’ve tested them head-to-head (and taken on unforeseen levels of high-quality caffeine) to help you decide.

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Nespresso VertuoPlus: key similarities

  • Both Nespresso Vertuo machines use patented Centrifugal technology which rotates the coffee capsules with up to 7,000 rotations per minute to ensure every drop of coffee reaches your cup or mug
  • Both have a one-touch brewing button meaning that you just press the button, and wait for the coffee to start pouring
  • Vertuo Next and VertuoPlus use the same Vertuo coffee capsules which can be bought direct from Nespresso, or resellers who stock them
  • Both machines are also made from 54% recycled plastic, as are all the other machines in the Nespresso Vertuo range

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Nespresso VertuoPlus: key differences

  • 1.8-litre water tank of the Nespresso VertuoPlus can be positioned on the left, right or back of the machine, whereas the 1-litre water tank is fixed at the rear on the Nespresso Verto Next
  • Vertuo Next has five cups sizes; Alto (414ml), Mug (230ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Double Espresso (80ml) and Espresso (40ml), whereas the VertuoPlus has four cup sizes; Alto (414ml), Mug (230ml), Gran Lungo (150ml) and Espresso (40ml).
    Vertuo Next also has the additional size 'carafe', capable of brewing a coffee of 18 ounces
  • Preheating time for coffee (cold machine) for the VertuoPlus is 20 seconds, whereas it's 30 seconds for the Vertuo Next
  • Vertuo Next can connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to update it's software, VertuoPlus has no connectivity capabilities
  • Vertuo Next is the most compact Nespresso machine weighing 8.8lbs / 4kg and measures 5.6  x 16.9 x 12.4 inches / 14.2  x 42.9  x  31.4 cm, whereas the VertuoPlus weighs 10.36lbs / 4.7kg and measures 12.79 x 9.17 x 13.1 inches / 32.5 x 23.3 x D33.5cm

The Nespresso Vertuo Next on a countertop surrounded by coffe and Vertuo capsules

(Image credit: Nespresso)

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Nespresso VertuoPlus: Price

Right, let’s start with cost: Nespresso’s single-serve coffee makers are more affordable than traditional-style espresso machines, as a barista in a coffee shop would use, because they don’t have a portafilter and thus are far less messy and easier to keep clean. The Vertuo Next will set you back $169 / £149 / AU$269. 

Now, there are two designs of the Nespresso VertuoPlus, which is slightly larger than the Vertuo Next. In the US and Australia the two models are manufactured by Breville and De’Longhi, while in the UK, they are made by Krups and Magimix. No matter which design you opt for, the Nespresso VertuoPlus is priced at $159 / £179 / AU$299. 

Nespresso says there are no differences between the two models, aside from a slightly different footprint.

If you’re confused as to why there are two designs - you’re where we are right now. We approached Nespresso and asked them to explain why there are design differences between versions of the VertuoPlus, and why they are manufactured by different brands worldwide but they have yet to respond. 

But in terms of what matters to you - the functionality and price are identical, so you can buy a VertuoPlus without a worry of which model you’re getting.

(Just to confuse matters, there’s also a VertuoPlus Deluxe / VertuoPlus Limited Edition, which brings a metal cup holder, metallic accents, and a larger water tank and is priced at $189 / £199 / AU$329 - but we’re focusing on the standard version for this comparison). 

What about the competition? Well, Nespresso’s coffee machines are the only single-serve coffee makers that are available worldwide, so it’s hard to make a true comparison. 

Keurig offers a range of machines in the US that are similarly priced - for example, the Keurig K-Supreme coffee maker can brew four different sizes of hot drink from K-Cup pods and costs $159.99 (around £120 / AU$220) but they’re not available in the UK or Australia.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus surrounded by coffee and Vertuo capsules

(Image credit: Nespresso)

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Nespresso Vertuo Plus: Design

These two Nespresso coffee machines certainly look different. The Nespresso Vertuo Next is the smallest of the two machines, measuring 5.5 x 16.8 x 12.4 inches /  14.2 x 42.9 x 31.4cm. 

Its slim design, which is only slightly wider than a coffee cup, makes it ideal even if you’re tight on countertop space. It comes with a 37 oz / 1 litre water tank, which can be removed to make it easy to fill.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Nespresso VertuoPlus comes in two versions, although both are larger than the Vertuo Next, at 3 inches wider and they have a 40 oz / 1.1 liter water tank. Keeping up? Good, because we’re about to throw the Vertuo Plus Deluxe, known as the VertuoPlus Limited Edition in the UK into the mix. Again, there are two designs and while they look the same as their standard counterparts, they have larger 60 oz / 1.8 litre water tanks, so you won’t need to refill the coffee machine as frequently, along with the stylish metallic accents we’ve already mentioned. 

All of the Vertuo machines, unsurprisingly, take Nespresso’s Vertuo capsules. They are wider and flatter than the iconic ‘original’ capsules but crucially have a barcode printed on the side, which contains instructions on how to adjust the brewing parameters, such as the flow and volume of water, temperature, infusion time and capsule rotation, printed on the side. The machine reads this barcode and then follows the parameters to ensure consistent coffee every time, unlike the original range of Nespresso machines.

The Nespresso Vertuo Next on a countertop surrounded by coffe and Vertuo capsules

(Image credit: Nespresso)

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Nespresso VertuoPlus: Features on test

When it comes to brewing coffee, the two different models are evenly matched. On test, the pair created rich, intense espresso that had a thick crema, which reformed after a spoonful of sugar was sprinkled on the top. 

The Vertuo Next can brew espresso, double espresso, two larger coffee sizes (5 oz / 150 ml and 8 oz / 235 ml) as well as an 18oz / 530ml carafe for those that need a much longer caffeine fix. 

However, the VertuoPlus can only brew individual coffees, which means it can brew espresso and larger coffee sizes, but there’s no way to brew a carafe from the more expensive machine. 

However, the Vertuo Next is slightly slower to heat up, taking 30 seconds to reach temperature rather than 20 seconds for the Plus, but actually, this isn’t a big deal. 

The VertuoPlus also trumps the Vertuo Next with its moveable water tank, which can be positioned at the back of the machine or to the left or right. This means it can easily fit into any kitchen set-up, even if you have narrow countertops, or you’re tight on space. Unfortunately, the water tank placement of the Vertuo Next is static. The VertoPlus also has a slightly larger water tank, which doesn’t need refilling as frequently, although at just 30z / 100ml bigger, it’ll only make three more espressos before it needs replenishing with water. 

However, the Next has slightly better eco credentials. The auto shut off kicks in after two minutes rather than nine minutes, which is how long the VertuoPlus takes to turn off automatically, which is a handy way to save energy. 

The machine is also made from 54% recycled materials. While the Vertuo Plus is also made from some recycled materials, Nespresso has declined to reveal exactly what percentage, so we’re guessing it’s less than half. 

Finally, the Nespresso Vertuo Next also has Bluetooth and can connect to an app on your phone, which will alert you when your stock of Vertuo capsules is getting low, as well as updating the software when necessary.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus surrounded by coffee and Vertuo capsules

(Image credit: Nespresso)

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Nespresso Vertuo Plus: Verdict

When it comes to choosing the right Nespresso Vertuo machine for you, if you’re looking for a compact coffee maker that can brew a range of different coffee sizes, the Vertuo Next is the best option. It’s also a good choice if you want a design that can conserve energy and is the most affordable Vertuo-compatible machine on the market. 

However, for those that want the flexibility of being able to reposition the tank to fit in even the most bijou of kitchens, the VertuoPlus is a better option. It’s also the best model for those who want a coffee maker that’s as quick as possible to heat up, and thanks to the large water tank, a machine that doesn’t need to be topped up as frequently. 

While we don’t like to tell you which is best for your needs, the Vertuo Next has plenty of additional features for the price, making it our pick. 

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