Need more PS4 storage? Seagate's 4TB drive could be just what you need

Image credit: Seagate

It's ridiculously easy to run out of space on a modern gaming console like the PlayStation 4, which is why we were happy when Sony started allowing customers to hook up external hard drives for the device back in February.

Today Seagate announced its new Game Drive, which brings an additional 4TB of storage space to the popular gaming system. It's a significant improvement over the 2TB model we saw earlier this year.

Unfortunately, it's still not anywhere near as impressive as the behemothic 8TB hub Seagate offers for the competing Xbox One.

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But in an age when even relatively short games can easily take up around 50GB of space, both of Seagate's PS4 models wildly improve upon the PS4's pitiful 500GB of onboard storage. According to Seagate, 4TB should allow for the storage of around 100 games.

The best thing about Seagate drives is that they're custom made for the console, so getting them to work is generally just a case of plugging them in and letting the automated setup do its thing.

You don't even need an extra plug since the Game Drive works directly off of USB power, and its USB 3.0 connection allows you to play your game straight from the external drive with no complications.

Interested? You can pick it up today for $130 (around £98 / AU$169).