More sources report wireless charging is coming to the iPhone 8

We're expecting a lot of great new features on the iPhone 8: a bezel-free display (well, almost), face recognition, a dual-lens camera with some special augmented reality features, and so on. One of the additions that now looks locked in as a near certainty is wireless charging.

Two insider sources speaking to The Next Web say Apple is indeed going to let iPhone 8 owners charge up their handsets without the aid of wires. Add that together with all the previous rumors we've heard, and it would be a bit of a surprise if the feature didn't turn up on Apple's next flagship device.

Indeed, a hint about wireless charging is even included in the code for iOS 11. Okay, it's just a new sound effect with a different name, but it does suggest that iPhone 8 owners are going to have some new options for juicing up their devices.

Charge of the iPhone brigade

Phones have been charging wireless for years of course, though until now Apple hasn't joined the party - one of the reasons is that it's always tricky to get the tech working on a metal-backed phone, although this hurdle has been overcome in the last couple of years.

With rumors of the iPhone 8 switching to a glass back, plus all the other supply chain leaks we've come across, it seems Apple is ready to take the plunge into wireless charging - there's even a suggestion the iPhone 8 might support long-range wireless charging too.

We don't have long to wait and find out - there are good reasons to believe that September 12 is the day of the iPhone 8 reveal, though that's still to be confirmed by Apple. If you are keen on grabbing yourself an iPhone 8, you'd better start saving up.

David Nield
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