Long-range wireless charging for iPhone 8 hinted at again

Apple doesn’t seem in any hurry to support wireless charging with its phones, but when it finally does jump on the wireless bandwagon – perhaps with the iPhone 8 – it might go well beyond competitors, ditching charging pads and allowing for long-range charging at a distance of up to 18 feet.

We’ve been hearing about this long-range charging tech for a while, but it’s looking ever more likely that the iPhone 8 will use it, as the CEO of Energous (the company developing it) has told The Verge that it’s partnered with “one of the largest consumer electronic companies in the world. I cannot tell you who it is, but I can virtually guarantee that you have products from this company on your person, sitting on your desk, or at home."

That sounds a lot like Apple is the brand hinted a, and, while Samsung and a handful of others are also possibilities, this isn’t the first or only thing linking Energous to Apple.

Mounting evidence

The company has made similar comments in the past, has employees with ties to Apple, and has received a $10 million investment from Dialog Semiconductor, which itself works primarily with Apple.

So Apple is looking very likely, and with Energous also claiming that it will ship its long-range wireless charging transmitters by the end of 2017 it sounds like they may well be in the iPhone 8, which is expected to launch in September.

If so, then this could finally be the thing to make wireless chargers essential devices, as well as being one of the most exciting aspects of a phone that’s not lacking for exciting potential features - with other rumors suggesting the iPhone 8 could have a brand new design and a fingerprint scanner built into the screen.

James Rogerson

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