This may be the date of Apple's iPhone 8 reveal

Apple plans to hold its iPhone 8 launch event on September 12, according to a new report. This places Apple's big hardware keynote on the second Tuesday of the month, and a week later than some have suggested it might take place.

The possible iPhone keynote date comes from Mac4Ever [Google Translate], which says it spoke with carriers privy to Apple's launch event timing. 

Not only were the unnamed carriers told the date of the iPhone 8 reveal, but also apparently when to begin marketing the new iPhone in order to get inventory and pre-orders lined up. 

Though Mac4Ever is said to have a decent track record on Apple rumors, we suggest shoveling a few handfuls of salt onto this one. This is not a proven source for us yet, and while the potential keynote date is certainly within reason, the report is still a bit washy. 

Almost iPhone 8 time

Whenever the Apple keynote takes place next month (and it will be next month), the tech giant is expected to unveil the iPhone 8 to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone along with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. These phones will be evolutionary upgrades over last year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Will we also meet a new Apple Watch in a few weeks?

Will we also meet a new Apple Watch in a few weeks?

Mac4Ever speculates the three phones will go on sale on Friday, September 22. If the keynote date is accurate, iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus pre-orders will likely have gone live a week prior, on September 15.

Though the website doesn't have supporting evidence for the iPhone 8 release date, it follows Apple's historical September release timings. 

The new iPhones may not be alone on the keynote stage as signs point to Apple revealing the heavily rumored Apple Watch 3 and potentially a 4K Apple TV, which has been the subject of a string of recent leaks

The September surprises won't end there as iOS and Mac users will finally learn when they can enjoy the public releases of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra during Apple's event. Both operating systems have been in beta land, but the iPhone 8 reveal will almost certainly include full OS release details as well. 

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