Apple hints that iPhone 8 will launch in September

Apple CEO Tim Cook just gave us the strongest sign that the iPhone 8 release date will indeed happen in September.

Today's earnings call by the Cupertino company forecasts a strong quarter spanning July 1 through the end of September. That's the best sign iPhone 8 won't be late.

Of course, we could also see the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, too, which is expected get to a basic specs update and start at a cheaper price and the iPhone 8.

Apple projects revenue will be between $49 billion and $52 billion, according to the company's fiscal 2017 guidance. That's higher than its $45.4 billion this past quarter.

This helps dispel months of iPhone 8 delay rumors that had analysts guessing its so-called 10th anniversary iPhone won't come out until October, November or even 2018.

Get ready for iPhone 8 AR demos in September

Tim Cook can't stop talking about augmented reality during conference calls, and today's earnings call was no different. He basically lead with the AR topic.

iPhone 8 AR may be its biggest feature

iPhone 8 AR may be its biggest feature

iOS 11 includes AR developer tools for current iPhones, and we're expected the vertical camera array on the back of the leaked iPhone 8 will heighten Apple's newfound augmented reality experience.

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Matt Swider