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Dubious HTC Prime and HTC Ignite photos surface

HTC Ignite: a future HTC Windows Phone handset? Our survey says: maybe.
HTC Ignite: a future HTC Windows Phone handset? Our survey says: maybe.

Photos of a couple of new Windows Phone 7 handsets from HTC have hit the internet, known as the HTC Prime and HTC Ignite.

The HTC Ignite is a pure-touchscreen affair, with a look that's quite reminiscent of the HTC Desire, what with its curved corners and possible unibody casing.

The render has come from Chinese site and we're a bit concerned that the site has said the Ignite comes with a resistive touchscreen and an 800Mhz processor.

Bucket of salt

Sounds a bit fishy to us and wouldn't even meet the Windows Phone 7 minimum hardware requirements, so we're filing the specs firmly under 'Nah'. While the HTC Ignite could be a genuine device, there's no guarantee that this is it.

Meanwhile, has also rustled up some images of the HTC Prime, another Windows Phone 7 QWERTY slider.

HTC prime windows phone 7 leak

If the HTC Prime is a genuine image, it looks like HTC is taking the QWERTY slider in a slimmer direction to its previous efforts like that of the HTC Desire Z and HTC 7 Pro.

The touchscreen is mooted to be a 3.7-inch WVGA affair, while the handset rocks 512MB of RAM and a 5MP camera.

Although we're more inclined to believe these specifications than we were of the HTC Ignite, we'd still recommend heavily salting the rumour before you take it.

Still, it has been six months since the first Windows Phone handsets hit; we're looking forward to the new batch which we're hoping HTC will officially reveal at CTIA next week.

From via PocketNow and WPCentral