Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Ice Cream Sandwich update sucked into time vortex

Samsung Galaxy S2 finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich
Thorsten says: "Not this week Gareth, I'm not in the mood."

Have you ever tried to save money and decided to start making your own lunches rather than buying the same old processed rubbish? 7DiM has, and they are, for want of a better word, lush.

Mobile phones and tablets don't eat though (imagine if they did OMGTHATWOULDBESTUPID!) – yet there are thousands of Galaxy S2 owners desperate to cram an Ice Cream Sandwich down the virtual gullet of their prized Android device.

Samsung's been hard at work to bring the latest version of Android to its flagship device (called Ice Cream Sandwich, if you're confused) and just a few weeks back confirmed that it would be chucking it out to all and sundry week commencing March 19.

That date came and went, and the SIM free Samsung owners are still waiting. But those with a Galaxy S2 courtesy of O2 or Three aren't - they've already got their update.

So, to try and put this simply: Samsung creates update. Update sent to networks to fashion properly. Networks push out update. Samsung still hasn't. Confusing.

The world's first elephant

We don't like to target a specific brand over and over again (although if you speak to some of our commenters, we're obsessed with loving/hating Apple/Nokia/Android) but Samsung sent out a release this week that claimed it had a video of the 'world's first elephant using a Samsung Galaxy Note'.

To which we replied: "You've resurrected the world's first elephant? Was it a bit hairy? How did you do this – genetic engineering? Reanimation? Cloning?

"Sorry, but this is a MUCH bigger story than the fact it could use a Galaxy Note. Although it does call into question whether the pachyderm lineage has become less advanced over time if the world's first ever elephant could use electronics that didn't even EXIST at that time."

We then put our mind-expanding thinking tablets into our eyes and ruminated… "Could this go even further back in time? Does this horse have a pulse? No? Can we still hit it?"

Our pictures should tell you the conclusion we reached.

First elephant

First elephant

Oh, and here's the video if you're that bothered:

Black(Berry) and blue

We're not usually ones for writing anything that even resembles news, but having been on both BBC 5Live and BBC News today *cough*alsoavailableforweddings*cough* we thought we should mention the fact RIM accidentally smashed a big hole in its money store and forgot to plug it – leading to a dip in profits of nearly $1 billion.

So it seems likely the smartphone manufacturer will return to the business sector, where it made its name as the businessman's companion that didn't have to be hired as a secretary so the wife wouldn't find out.

We think RIM has missed a trick here. Branch out, you little Canadian tinker – make toilets or cat pyjamas or follicle bleaching kits – just don't get into bed with the Cupertino brand. We couldn't stand the fruity puns.


McDonald's BB

Quite apt, don't you think? We're taking this to mean McDonald's is going to mount a hostile takeover of the brand and start offering the McStorm 9950 in the near future.

You can probably think of a better caption-based pun. Tweet us on @TR_Phones and @TR_tablets and we can take your ideas and pretend we wrote them.

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