Multitasking Logitech Ultrathin iPad cover doubles as a keyboard

Multitasking Logitech Ultrathin iPad cover doubles as a keyboard
It's thin, it's a keyboard, it's a cover, it's a bird, it's a plane

Logitech has unveiled its latest iPad accessory, a magnetic screen cover that also houses a Bluetooth keyboard and built-in stand.

Yes, the only thing missing from this peripheral is the kitchen sink and we suspect that omission is only really down to size constraints.

The ultrathin aluminium cover snaps on to the iPad a la the Apple Smart Cover using a magnetic clip.

Handily, it also apes the Smart Cover in that Logitech's cover features instant on and off functionality so your iPad will spring into action the minute you uncover the screen, and drift off to sleep when you pop it back on.

To Starbucks

When you're ready to type, you can slot the iPad (new iPad or iPad 2) into the built-in stand that will hold it at a comfortable angle. No excuse not to get down to work on that screenplay now, guys.

Logitech reckons you can get six months of life out of the keyboard's battery if you use it for two hours a day.

The piano-black (that's black, to you and me) case should be hitting retailers in the UK and US this month, with pricing set at £89.99 for the Brits and $99.99 on the other side of the pond.

And if you don't have an iPad but still fancy a bit of this tablet-cum-netbook action, you can always opt for the Asus Transformer Prime that comes with a similar case/keyboard.

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