Microsoft Surface will work with Xbox controllers

Microsoft Surface will work with Xbox controllers
Delving deep-ish below the Surface

You're nobody in this business until you've done a Reddit AMA so the Microsoft Surface team took to the site to answer questions about the upcoming tablet.

Over-dependence on the word 'pumped' aside, it's an interesting insight into the thinking behind several features of the Surface.

One popular question was about why there's no NFC capability – it was a trade-off of having the magnesium casing which "made good antenna design".

However, the team confirmed that there is support for Xbox 360 USB controllers.

One member of the Surface team, said: "We used the 360 USB controllers to play with Surface all the time and they work great. We have not tried Kinect yet."

Get to it

There's no data connection because Microsoft reckons most people will use the Surface at home, and the decision to use USB 2.0 instead of USB 3.0 is down to the number of devices that can support it.

Talking about the design of the tablet, the Surface team explained that they were led by the Windows RT software.

"We wanted to make sure that the hardware was a physical extension of our software. We started at looking at the software and thought about how to extend it into a physical product," the team wrote.

"We tried to stay away from any classic design language stuff, we didn't want to have a bunch of styling in the way, we wanted to build a bridge between you and your digital things.

"Using magnesium allowed us to make our product thin, light and strong. The color we chose lets the physical product fade into the background and pronounces the screen as the main act. ... a stage for your software."

But, of course, the best question of the AMA was, "Would you rather fight 100 Surface-sized ducks or one horse-sized Surface?"

Even that was an opportunity for a spot of Surface PR: "For sure one horse-sized Surface… Put too many of these things together and they are unstoppable."

From Reddit via Slashgear

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