HTC Puccini 10-inch tablet primed for summer release?

Like the HTC Flyer, the HTC Puccini is set to use the power of the pen
Like the HTC Flyer, the HTC Puccini is set to use the power of the pen

HTC is looking to swiftly follow up the launch of its 7-inch HTC Flyer tablet, with a 10-inch model codenamed Puccini.

This is according to Digitimes, which has re-confirmed previous leaks with word that HTC has ramped up production of the 10.1-inch tablet readying it for a summer release.

The tablet is said to be powered by a Qualcomm MSM8660 1.5GHz processor and will be running Android Honeycomb.

It looks like HTC will be sticking with its tried and tested stylus, dubbed HTC Scribe, as the HTC Puccini screen is said to be both capacitive and resistive.

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Digitimes also reported that its 10.1-inch panels are being created by AU Optronics (AUO) and Wintek.

The 7-inch HTC Flyer was given a solid three stars by TechRadar – where we praised its build quality but were put off by its massive price tag, which puts it in the same range as the iPad 2.

If HTC is indeed looking at releasing a 10.1-inch tablet it will be in direct competition from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Motorola, but the Puccini release may take the heat off the company's efforts to port Honeycomb to its 7-inch Flyer; something that the screen size is making quite tricky.

If the HTC Puccini UK release date is indeed June 2011, then we won't have long to wait to see if it is a real iPad 2 rival.

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