Are these Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablets?

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet

After hearing word of a new, super cheap Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, it seems the world's online flea market will have a few more models in store for us.

An AFTVnews reader recently discovered thumbnail images of four new tablets hosted on Amazon's server. On top of a six image, it seems Amazon also has plans to announce slates with a spectrum of screen sizes including seven to eight, eight to nine and a 10-inch device to likely rival the iPad Air 2 and Nexus 9.

Unlike the rumored 6.7-inch Kindle Fire, which was first revealed in a set of leaked Geekbench 3 benchmarks, it appears Amazon's other tablets will stick to the 16:10 screen resolution seen on earlier devices.

But before you put too much faith in these supposed official images, they're all incredibly tiny and low-resolution. This significantly lowers the validity of these rumors as there's not enough detail to tell if these are indeed part of Amazon's new slate family.

Kindle Fire Tablet

Will Amazon forgo making a special interface (credit: EV Leaks)

Pure Android?

That said, EV Leaks was able to dig up a much higher-resolution image of the rumored 10.1-inch Kindle Fire.

Assuming the images are authentic, the 10.1-inch Kindle looks like a blown up Kindle Fire Phone with a flatter back compared to the beveled sides of Amazon's more recent HDX Kindle Fire refresh. What's more, it appears Amazon has instituted a new user interface that drops the bookshelf approach for a more traditional set of Android app tiles.

At the rate these leaks are going, it seems like Amazon could announce its new tablets any day not even though the web-retailer has yet to announce an official reveal event.

Lead image credit: AFTVnews

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