Amazon Android tablet to have 10-inch LCD screen?

Amazon cooking up a 10-inch Android tablet
Amazon cooking up a 10-inch Android tablet

Amazon's much-rumoured Android tablet (or family of tablets, depending on who you believe) is set to launch as a 10-inch model, with a 7-inch sibling also on its way.

PCMag cites sources in Taipei as revealing that the retailing giant originally wanted the tablet to be able to switch between an E-ink-style reading display and a colour LCD screen.

Although this kind of screen is in development by a number of manufacturers, there's very little chance it will hit the market before 2013.

In the meantime, Amazon's Android family will don LCD screens, as well as offering an Nvidia Tegra quad-core processor.


There's still no clue from any of the anonymous sources as to which version of Android the tablets will launch with – we imagine Android 3.1 will be the preference over Android 3.0 – but all the pundits seem quite agreed on the fact that it will launch in time for the Christmas retail rush.

Amazon seems to be the great white Android tablet hope, with existing Honeycomb offerings failing to set the world alight with passion and even Android darlings HTC struggling to offer the complete package.

It's not hard to see why; Amazon has everything on its side for a successful tablet: marketing reach to hit millions of customers, the coffers to offer a competitively priced tablet and even its own Android app store. Better watch your back, iPad

From PC Mag via Engadget

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