Against real leather? Amazon suggests buying the Voyage

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Are you ethically against the use of real leather on your tech devices? Bad news, you won't be able to buy the Amazon Kindle Oasis.

The new Kindle Oasis comes bundled with a battery case, but it's only available in real leather and Amazon has now told techradar that it has no intention of releasing any other choices for vegans or those against the use of real leather in products.

An Amazon spokesperson told techradar, "For customers looking for a non-leather, high-end alternative to Kindle Oasis, we recommend Kindle Voyage.

"There are a number of non-leather case options available for Kindle Voyage."

Since the Oasis was announced, a petition for the company to release more pre-bundled case options has been launched. While this has only reached 569 signatures, this is a just-released product and it shows there's an appetite out there among potential customers for Amazon to make its high-end new ereader more inclusive.

Voyage before Oasis

Sara Farr, who started the petition, wrote, "I want Amazon to offer a vegan cover option (or even better make all covers vegan!) so we can all enjoy this new technology."

The Kindle Oasis comes with a choice of either black, merlot or walnut colored battery cases – but it's bundled in with the price of the product and there's no way to purchase the ereader without the real leather case.

Amazon has previously confirmed the Kindle Oasis covers will be available to purchase separately so you can mix and match the style of your ereader.

But for those who are ethically against the buying real leather - even if it can be switched out - it looks like you'll have to settle for the Kindle Voyage if you want a high-end ereader from Amazon.

James Peckham

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