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Asus 'Extreme Thin' sexes up the external DVD drive

Asus Extreme Thin DVD-RW - mmmm brushed aluminium
Asus Extreme Thin DVD-RW - mmmm brushed aluminium

Asus has announced an 'Extreme Slim' external DVD-RW drive, which the electronics giant insists combines "attractive aesthetics with the advanced optical media features demanded by portable PC users in a single slim, USB-powered package."

The latest Extreme Slim external DVD drives represent Asus' attempt to sex up the external drive, as laptops without optical drives proliferate.

"Marking a departure from the bulky and bland appearance of typical external optical drives, the Extreme Slim External DVD-RW continues the emphasis placed by ASUS on innovative design," says Asus.


"The extremely thin and compact squared form factor offers a refreshing take on this class of accessory, revitalizing the work and play spaces of PC users with a fun, easy to carry device."

That new design includes an impressive 14mm profile, brushed aluminium throughout, a USB 2.0 interface and an interface that works with any Windows PC through plug and play.

It is powered via an included USB cable from the computer - so it's not going to be too kind to battery life but it does weigh in at just 320 grams.

We're still waiting on a UK release date and price, but we'll keep you posted.