Microsoft Edge now shows you promo and coupon codes while shopping online

Microsoft Edge
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This week, ahead of all the Black Friday deals that are about to roll out en masse on everything from the best 4K TVs to the best laptops and even Roombas, Microsoft Edge is getting a new feature that shows you an alert  coupon and promo codes for products you're browsing and can even apply them to the shopping cart when you're checking out.

As we wrote earlier this month, the new feature is sure to please the bargain hunters out there, especially the extreme couponing set, but it will be just as useful for the rest of us who are just looking to get a good deal.

Microsoft already brought price comparisons to Edge a few weeks ago, as The Verge notes, as part of its Collections feature – which unfortunately is only available to US shoppers at the moment.

Edge gets several new features as Microsoft tries to position itself against Google Chrome and others 

In addition to the new coupon and promo code feature, Microsoft Edge is also getting an annotation feature for PDF files, something that the Edge community has been pushing for. 

Edge users will also have the ability to annotate and markup screenshots. Later this month, Microsoft is expecting to add the ability to capture an entire webpage in a single screenshot later this month, making it a much more useful feature than existing screenshot tools.

Microsoft Word and Outlook will also be better able to handle URLs copied and pasted from Edge, shortening longer links similar to the way and other services do with the option to stick with the original link available from a context menu.

All of this comes as Microsoft seeks to assert its own Chromium-based browser against heavyweights like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Whether these new features are enough to muscle some market share away from the more established players remains to be seen.

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