Luigi's Mansion 3 release date, impressions and the best deals

Luigi's Mansion 3
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It’s been six long years since Nintendo last released a game in the Luigi’s Mansion series and, with fans beginning to give up hope of another, the announcement that a sequel was coming to Nintendo Switch was very welcome news indeed.

Released on October 31, 2019 (aka Halloween), Luigi's Mansion 3 sees Luigi and pals taking a much needed vacation in a high-rise hotel. But, as luck would have it, it seems the hotel is haunted and the ghostly residents have captured Luigi's friends. You know what that means. It's time to get the Poltergust out again and vacuum up some ghosts in a bigger, more action-packed adventure than ever before.

Here's everything you need to know about Luigi's Mansion 3, including our impressions, the best deals and all the latest features.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The third entry in Nintendo's spooky series
  • When did it release? October 31st, 2019
  • What can I play it on? Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

Luigi's Mansion 3 release date

Luigi's Mansion 3 released for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite on October 31st, 2019 (AKA Halloween!) - a very fitting release date for such a spooky title. 

That means it's available to play right now.

Luigi's Mansion 3 best deals

Looking to pick up Luigi's Mansion 3 on Switch? These are the best deals available right now:

Luigi's Mansion 3 impressions

Luigi's Mansion 3

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The premise of Luigi's Mansion 3 is pretty straightforward: anxious Luigi and his pals check into a hotel for a nice break away from maiming goombas, but it turns out the hotel isn't quite as described in the brochure. Things take a dark turn, and Luigi's pals disappear, so it's obviously your job (as the jumpy green plumber) to wander around the creepy hotel, fight off the ghostly residents and find Mario and co.

Simple? Well, it probably would be more so if Luigi had packed some sort of badass ghostbusting technology to put those ghouls back in the ground. Instead, in classic Luigi fashion, you only have your trusty Poltergust vacuum cleaner to stun and suck up enemies. But Luigi's got a brand-new bag this time, and by bag we mean vacuum cleaner: the Poltergust G-00. 

This new and improved ghost-sucking device not only stuns enemies and sucks them up, but also has the ability to fire plungers and use jet propulsion to increase jumping. These plungers come in handy for opening secret doors and solving puzzles. The rope which hangs off the end of the plunger can be sucked up with the Poltergust, allowing you to pull objects when needed. For example, we stuck a plunger to some barrels in the basement and used our suction to pull them off their perch, breaking them and revealing a hidden key (plus some rats). 

Alongside a new Poltergust, Luigi also has some slick new moves. Slam allows you to slam ghosts you're sucking up on the floor like a frustrated toddler, while burst causes an air pressure group attack – giving you a bit of space when the ghoulies are getting a bit close for comfort. But the best new feature is definitely the aptly named Gooigi, a green flubber-like version of Luigi who can slip through bars and wander over spikes without damage – just don't expose him to water. 

Luigi's Mansion 3

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Gooigi is key to solving many of the hotel's puzzles, with a simple click of the right toggle allowing you to seamlessly change between Luigi and his gooey companion. We played solo, but if you play with a friend then they can take control of the slippery sidekick.

It's worth noting that the hotel is pretty big – the Hilton of haunted hotels – so there are lots of rooms to explore, and a few secrets too. During our playtime we wandered through the lobby, wine cellar and a few dungeons, among other destinations, and that was only in 15 minutes; Nintendo has previously shown footage of a greenhouse, a film studio, and even a theater stage. Like we said, it's a big hotel. 

Each room is simply but beautifully crafted, with the kooky Nintendo nature that means Luig's Mansion, while a spooky game in terms of its premise, is just a fun-filled family game. 

Luigi's Mansion seems to have truly found its home on the Switch – it's just the kind of light-hearted romp the hybrid console was made for. 

While more content and features have been added to modernize the franchise, the heart of Luigi's Mansion remains the same, and it's a pleasure to see Mario's often-overlooked brother stepping into the limelight.

Luigi's Mansion 3 news and features

Here's everything you should know about Luigi Mansion 3's new features:

ScreamPark mode
This competitive multiplayer mode sees players divide into teams and play across three Mario Party-style 2v2 mini games titled Ghost Hunt, Cannon Barrage and Coin Floating. You can see the game in action in the 12 minutes of gameplay released by Nintendo below.

Post-launch DLC and expanded multiplayer content
Nintendo quietly updated the official website for Luigi's Mansion 3 to reveal that after its Halloween launch, “Paid DLC will come to Luigi's Mansion 3 in the future, adding new content to the ScareScraper and ScreamPark multiplayer modes.” 

There are plenty of puzzles in the haunted hotel to keep you occupied (as well as a few hidden secrets). It'll take a combination of Luigi's Poltergust, plungers and Gooigi to solve them.

ScareScaper mode
This co-op and competitive mode sees you clearing rooms, taking on ghosts and completing challenges to collect coins. Can be played online or couch co-op.

Lots of rooms in the hotel
Including a greenhouse, film studio, and theatre stage.

Luigi can now summon a flubber-like version of himself that can slip through bars and walk over spikes. Even better, a friend can control Gooigi and you can co-op.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Image credit: Nintendo

New functions
Including Slam (which slams ghosts on the ground), Suction Shot (which attaches the plunger to an item before pulling it away, destorying it), and Burst (an air pressure group attack).

Luigi's Mansion 3 sees Luig being invited to stay in a hotel alongside his friends Mario, Peach and co. But unfortunately the hotel isn't quite what it seems and things take a dark turn when he arrives. There are some ghost guests who refuse to check out and they're not exactly friendly.

Poltergust G-00
Luigi's got a brand new vacuum, in the form of the Poltergust G-00. This new super sucker can fire plungers, use jet propulsion to increase jumping, and use the Strobulb.

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