LG’s next Dolby Atmos soundbar bounces voices off the ceiling for better clarity

The LG S95QR Dolby Atmos Soundbar on a white background
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LG has unveiled another early CES 2022 product – the LG S95QR Dolby Atmos Soundbar – two weeks ahead of the big technology event. 

What sets next year’s flagship soundbar apart from this year’s models is a new center-channel upfiring speaker that will bounce sound off the ceiling that should make dialogue sound like it’s coming from the center of the screen.

In terms of specs, LG says the soundbar boasts 810W and 9.1.5 channels of audio as well as a wireless subwoofer. In addition to the new center upfiring speaker, LG says it’s also changing its rear wireless speakers to have six channels of audio instead of four by adding two additional drivers to better disperse the sound behind the viewer.

There's no price or firm release date at this point, but we're hoping to at least hear it for ourselves when we get to Vegas in January.

LG’s next flagship soundbar has all the fixings 

In an early press briefing with TechRadar, LG representatives explained that the S95QR will offer variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM) via its HDMI port, allowing you to pass through a 4K/120Hz signal from a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

For audiophiles, the soundbar will use Meridian Audio’s Horizon technology in Music Mode, the soundbar can up-mix two channel audio to 7.1-channel and will support a number of Hi-Res streaming services.

Finally, for those concerned about getting the absolute best-possible sound, the S95QR will come with LG’s latest AI Room Calibration technology that measures the dimensions of the room to output the widest soundstage possible.

While those top-line specs should make the LG S95QR the top soundbar we’ll see on the show floor in Vegas in January, Samsung and Sony have yet to show their hands and could arrive with a flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar or two of their own. 

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