Leaked slide suggests Microsoft is still working away on Andromeda OS

Surface Phone

It seems that Microsoft is continuing to beaver away on Andromeda OS, the potential future version of Windows 10 which does things very differently, and is pitched to span across multiple devices, potentially including the company’s foldable dual-screen Surface phone/tablet hybrid (or ‘pocketable device’ as it has also been referred to).

As spotted by prolific Microsoft leaker WalkingCat, a Reddit user attended a Microsoft presentation on the subject of Azure DevOps, and one of the slides on ‘understanding dependencies’ carried a reference to Andromeda (see the image below).

The slide also mentioned WCOS – Windows Core OS, which Andromeda is part of – in a couple of places, as well.

This would seem to indicate that work is progressing on Andromeda OS, although obviously, we’d be foolish to attempt to draw any concrete conclusions from the appearance of a few words on a slide at a conference.

Image credit: Silentcrs

Image credit: Silentcrs

Sleek and streamlined

Andromeda OS is designed to be a customizable and more streamlined operating system, which will be able to adapt to various different devices. That supposedly includes the aforementioned rumored dual-screen effort, where the operating system will be able to adjust itself depending on how the foldable screens are being used.

We most recently heard about an Andromeda OS Productivity Mode which points to the fact that the operating system will run different modes you can flip between, and this particular mode could potentially make it easier to type on a device without a traditional keyboard like our rumored foldable dual-screen friend.

The last we heard, the Andromeda hardware and software was expected to be unleashed in 2019, so fingers crossed it stays on track – but at least it certainly appears that Microsoft is still working on this project.

Via MS Power User

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