Leaked DJI FPV drone photos suggest imminent launch for speedy new flier

DJI FPV drone
(Image credit: @OsitaLV)

A new DJI FPV (First Person View) drone could make a surprise debut before the end of the year, according to some new leaked photos.

The images from the usually reliable DJI source @OsitaLV on Twitter show some packaging with 'DJI FPV Combo' on the front, alongside an unknown drone with an entirely new form factor for DJI sitting next to the company's existing FPV Goggles.

Beyond what appear to be genuine photos of the incoming bundle, @OsitaLV has also mused on the drone's potential specs. These could apparently include 4K/60p video recording, 5-inch propellers, a maximum speed of 150kph (or 93mph), and a "built-in camera with remote-adjustable tilt angle".

There will also be three flight modes and built-in GPS for a return-to-home function, according to the leak. All of this would add up to a new direction for DJI, whose drones have tended to prioritized slow, steady and smooth footage. By contrast, FPV drones tend to focus on agility and speed, creating videos with more of a rollercoaster effect.

Given that Christmas is fast approaching, could we really see a new DJI drone launch in 2020, so soon after the DJI Mini 2? It would be a highly unusual time for a product launch, but then the global pandemic has played havoc with supply chains and launch schedules.

There are some hints it could well happen before the end of the year, too. The @OsitaLV leak poses the question "will it come online in a month? Let's see." Also, a month ago, DJI VP of Policy and Legal Affairs Brenda Schulman seemed to hint at the possibility in a tweet that said "surely, everyone feels we must be done for the year", in reference to the six new products DJI announced from October.

Fly like an eagle

All of this evidence does point towards the launch of a new type of drone for DJI. And while an FPV drone, particularly one with this unusual form factor, would appear to be an unusual step for the company, DJI's FPV Goggles show it is an area it's prepared to dabble in.

The leaked DJI FPV images show a drone that would have an uncharacteristically chunky design for a traditional 'racing' drone, which tend to be as spare as possible and also home-built from components in a similar way to a gaming PC.

This means the DJI FPV, if that's what it's ultimately called, could be a slightly different take on the concept – one that's geared towards beginners and filmmakers who want to shoot 'cinewhoop' style videos. 'Cinewhoop' is a dynamic style of video created by the combination of a racing drone and a high-quality quality camera.

DJI FPV drone

Another possible leaked image of the DJI FPV drone from the website Kanzhaji. (Image credit: Kanzhaji)

A drone with arms as substantial as the ones in the apparently leaked photos probably isn't going to win any races against a custom-built flier, so the DJI FPV could instead be geared towards shooting those videos. Or anyone who simply wants to use goggles to experience that unique, first-person experience of flying like an eagle.

The inclusion of a 4K/60p camera also lends weight to the idea that the DJI FPV could be a new filmmaking tool for creators who want to shoot dynamic cut-scenes that only a super-agile, racing drone can capture.

The company has, after all, included this filming style in drones like the DJI Mini 2 and DJI Mavic Mini, courtesy of an FPV mode in the app. This locks the roll axis, which means the horizon turns with the drone as you move it from side-to-side. So it makes sense for DJI to make this mode the focus of a drone that is more agile, speedy and rugged than its existing models, which also aren't really built to withstand high-speed crashes.

Either way, the rumors suggest we might hearing more news on the DJI FPV soon, so we'll bring you all the official announcement as soon as we we get it.

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