Latest Pixel leaks reveal Top Shot feature, Home Hub launch date

Pixel 2 XL

As Google's big Pixel reveal party on October 9 continues in its quest to become the most comprehensively leaked launch event in the history of launch events, we've got more news on the Pixel 3 phone and the upcoming Home Hub device to share with you.

As per a retail magazine in the UK, it appears the Pixel 3 is going to come with a "Top Shot" feature that helps you "capture the perfect shot every time", whatever that means. An AI algorithm to turning blinking eyes into open eyes? Automatic light adjustment to remove shadows from your pictures? We'll have to wait and see.

Elsewhere in the listing we can see that the Pixel 3 phone will be capable of getting everyone in your group selfies, and is going to be able to be flipped over to activate the Do Not Disturb mode – something Google previously demonstrated at Google IO 2018.

Don't call it pink

From the same listing we also get word of a potential Home Hub on sale date: October 22. The Google-Home-with-a-display is expected to be unveiled alongside the Pixel 3 phones and a brand new Chromebook, so it would make sense for it to hit retailers about then.

Just one Pixel-related leak a day is par for the course these days though, so we've got another to bring you, again courtesy of 9to5Google: it shows the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL both available in 64GB and 128GB configurations, with the lowest of those storage sizes available in the rumored sandy color, apparently officially named "not pink".

Even with all these advance reveals, Tuesday's event should be well worth tuning in for, and we'll be bringing you all the headlines as Google makes its announcements. We might even get a surprise from something we haven't already seen.

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