Last-minute iPhone SE 3 leak lays bare the upcoming cheap iPhone

iPhone SE 2020
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The iPhone SE 3 or SE 2022 is expected to debut in just a matter of hours - we've already got our Apple March Event live blog up and running - but a last-minute leak has provided some information we hadn't heard before.

This comes from South Korean social media blog Naver, where a poster called yeux1122 (a leaker who's not new, but remains unproven) provided some key details about the phone.

Some of these pieces of information back up what we've already heard. Apparently the iPhone SE 3 will have a 4.7-inch screen, an A15 Bionic chipset and 4GB of RAM.

Battery life has apparently been increased, but no set figure has been provided - for context, the iPhone SE 2020 had a dainty 1,821mAh power pack.

The leak continues that the iPhone SE 2022 will get camera improvements from its predecessor, but sensor shift isn't one of them. The wording implies that Apple is sticking with one camera here, instead of bumping up the number, which won't impress photography fans. Saying that, this whole leak has been machine-translated, so nuances could have been lost.

One interesting detail is that the leak suggests the iPhone SE will get MagSafe, Apple's magnetic accessory solution that lets you clip on wireless chargers, cases, wallets and more. That would be an interesting feature to bring to a low-cost phone, and could be a good way to fill in for the lack of upgrades in other departments.

We'd previously heard a source say that the iPhone SE 3 wouldn't get MagSafe, but no one so far has suggested it would.

Finally, yeux1122 suggests the phone will cost $399, which is more than other leaks suggested. This price converts to £300 or AU$550, but given how Apple prices its devices, we'll likely see the cost in the UK be around £379, and in Australia be around $699.

So that's it, and we'll find out if this information is true in roughly the same amount of time it would take to watch The Batman (just kidding, the event is this year). Stick around at TechRadar for all the information as it happens, and once again, here's a link to our live blog.

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