Apple Expo 2008: the highlights from Paris

No new laptops at Apple Expo 2008, but plenty of cool peripherals and new software on show

The annual European Mac show has been taking place in Paris this week and, while Apple itself was not attending (so none of those new MacBooks announced, as yet…), it has been a good show all round for consumers and trade alike.

The punters got to see the new iPod nano and iPod touch as well as the latest offerings from Apple's important software partners at Adobe, Quark and (*cough*) Microsoft.

Third-party peripherals company Griffin stole the show for TechRadar, showing off a new case for the iPhone with an in-built lens in the case allowing you to shoot stuff close up. The company also showed off a clear plastic stand featuring an in-built gramophone-style horn to amplify your iPhone's music.

In-car iPhone integration

The Mini was particularly noticeable at the show – with BMW showing off the in-car iPhone integration features. Useful, we suppose, especially if you are one of the million estate agents that drives one...

Other notable peripherals at the show included some nice retro-styled mics from Macally, Iomega's MacBook Air-styled hard disk and a bunch of funky new laptop bags from Crumpler, Tucano and (our favourite) from lesser-known French company Sweetcover.

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